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Living in a Postsecular Culture

Think Christianly: Living in a Postsecular Culture

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living in a Postsecular Culture

C. John Summerville, in his book The Decline of the Secular University, makes an important observation about our society:

America is not "secular, but postsecular, by which I mean a situation in which cultural fashion has replaced intellectual argument."

What this means is that people, politicians, and the media operate according to slogans and what is popular and witty, not what is rationally sound or well documented. Our culture feeds on desires and feelings which leaves precious little time for thinking and evaluating. And this is killing us--both personally and as a society.

What we need is a church and a new generation of Christians who are willing to think for the glory of God (Rom.12:1-2).

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