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Think Christianly Celebrates 500 Posts!

Think Christianly: Think Christianly Celebrates 500 Posts!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Think Christianly Celebrates 500 Posts!

Wow, it is hard to believe! Today marks our 500th post. I thought it fitting to highlight one of the quotes that helped provide the vision for Think Christianly. Nancy Pearcey, in her book Total Truth, observes:

"…our lives are often fractured and fragmented, with our faith firmly locked into the private realm of the church and family, where it rarely has a chance to inform our life and work in the public realm. The aura of worship dissipates after Sunday, and we unconsciously absorb secular attitudes the rest of the week. We inhabit two separate “worlds,” navigating a sharp divide between our religious life and ordinary life."
Luke 10:27 - informs us that there should be no such separation.

Thanks so much for inviting us along and please link to our blog and invite others to check it out. Also, graduation is coming up, have you ordered your copy of Welcome to College yet? It makes an ideal graduation gift!

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