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N.Y. to Recognize Out-of-State Gay 'Marriage'

Think Christianly: N.Y. to Recognize Out-of-State Gay 'Marriage'

Thursday, May 29, 2008

N.Y. to Recognize Out-of-State Gay 'Marriage'

Well, the ramifications of the CA decision to legalize 'gay marriage' are now being felt in NY. In a recent decision by Gov. David Patterson, another high profile state has come on board. Click here for an article on this and then here is another one.

This could have far reaching implications for marriages, families, laws (like custody battles of divorced same-sex marriages) and children (who, ideally, need a loving mother and father).

To see what all the presidential candidates' take is on same sex marriage, click here.

This is a public conversation that needs to be had, but Christians need to remember the manner in which to have it; with civility and tolerance (classically defined). Every person on this planet is created in the image of God and is worthy of respect and dignity. Period. But treating someone with dignity does not mean we must endorse / affirm their views or choices or even to say that these choices don't have consequences (some foreseen others not). Caring deeply about issues of great importance and arguing for a particular view does not make one bigoted or intolerant. At any rate, this issue is not going away.

I am not going to get into today the many unfortunate responses (e.g., jeering / discrimination etc.) sometimes arising from those who claim the name of Christ. Any such joking, hate-speech (properly understood), and double-standards should be repented of.

For a Christian perspective on this issue, see the article Same-Sex Marriage Challenges and Responses by Greg Koukl

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