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Ardi: The Human Ancestor Who Wasn't?

Think Christianly: Ardi: The Human Ancestor Who Wasn't?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ardi: The Human Ancestor Who Wasn't?

Ardi is now making headlines for different reasons--despite the rock star treatment in the press...not the missing link after all. See this blog post:

Last fall “Ardi” came onto the missing link scene with a bang. The journal Science called her the “breakthrough of the year.” So did Time Magazine. We covered a few lone dissenters to the Ardi hype here on ENV.

But now Time Magazine is starting to go over apex of the hype curve. In an article titled, “ Ardi: The Human Ancestor Who Wasn't?,” Time notes, “Two new articles being published by Sciencequestion some of the major conclusions of Ardi's researchers, including whether this small, strange-looking creature is even a human ancestor at all.” Likewise, Nature reports, “Ardi may be more ape than human.” According to the Time article (read the rest)

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