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What is Emotional Doubt?

Think Christianly: What is Emotional Doubt?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is Emotional Doubt?

Os Guinness perceptively puts to words what man y of us feel adn then mistake for intellectual objections or doubts to faith: “The problem is not that reason attacks faith but that emotions overwhelm reason as well as faith, and it is impossible for reason to dissuade them….[this kind of] doubt comes just at the point where the believer’s emotions (vivid imagination, changing moods, erratic feelings, intense reactions) rise up and overpower the understanding of faith. Out-voted, out gunned, faith is pressed back and hemmed in by the unruly mob of raging emotions that only a while earlier were quiet, orderly citizens of the personality. Reason is cut down, obedience is thrown out, and for a while the rule of emotions is as sovereign as it is violent. The coup d’etat is complete."

The best book on doubt I know of is God in the dark by Os Guinness (it is well worth your time!)

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