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Is Ardi Another Missing Link?

Think Christianly: Is Ardi Another Missing Link?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is Ardi Another Missing Link?

It's the biggest find in the history of human kind...except when it isn't. By now in our age of media sensationalism we have learned how things work (especially in controversial areas). Page 1 Headline - the Missing link has been found or find out about the "real historical Jesus" (see the book deal, the movie, and the shiny new website for more details). Then a week or two later when public scrutiny and popular / scholarly peer review take place, things don't seem quite so conclusive or shiny - page 26 retraction /clarification (but who reads page 26 any more?)

This seems to be the case with Ardi. Granted, not quite the media fiasco of Ida, but the dust is starting to settle and the cracks are beginning to show. Melinda Penner of Stand to Reason has an excellent blog post on Ardi - Read "Ardi Reveals More Than They Think"

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