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Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Think Christianly: Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

Yesterday I posted about Tattoos. While controversial in some circles, my own view is that it is a matter of conscience and wisdom (as the article yesterday discusses).

To stay with the controversial theme for another day, I thought to myself, we have already talked about religion and recently I posted on politics--why not bring them together in a post? President Obama the Anti-Christ? (insert thunder clap and lightning crash here) Does he fulfill biblical prophecy? The short answer is no and no.

Jay Richards post about it here. (worth reading)

NT Scholar Dan Wallace posts here. (also worth reading)

These kinds of myths being circulated on YouTube and the internet only reinforce the stereotypes people have of Christians as ignorant and intolerant. Don't get me wrong, I passionately disagree with President Obama on the Abortion issue and I also think his economic policy is doing more harm than good (no matter how well intentioned). But as Richards points out, that just makes him wrong...not the anti-Christ.

As Christians we want to be known for what we are for and by our love; not for nonsense like this.

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