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The Problem of Evil and Plantinga's Free-Will Defense

Think Christianly: The Problem of Evil and Plantinga's Free-Will Defense

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Problem of Evil and Plantinga's Free-Will Defense

All that is needed to dispose of the charge of logical incoherence is to supply a logically possible, morally sufficient reason that a good God would allow evil (i.e., a defense). Alvin Plantinga describes such a possible reason in his famous Free Will Defense:

A world containing creatures who are significantly free (and freely perform more good than evil actions) is more valuable, all else being equal, than a world containing no free creatures at all. Now God can create free creatures, but He can’t cause or determine them to do only what is right. For if He does so, then they aren’t significantly free after all; and they do not do what is right freely. To create creatures capable of moral good, therefore, He must create creatures capable of moral evil; and He can’t give these creatures the freedom to perform evil and at the same time prevent them from doing so. As it turned out, sadly enough, some of the free creatures God created went wrong in the exercise of their freedom; this is the source of moral evil. The fact that free creatures sometimes go wrong, however, counts neither against God’s omnipotence nor against His goodness; for He could have forestalled the occurrence of moral evil only by removing the possibility of moral good.

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Blogger Edge Appraisal said...

Mr. Morrow. Interesting quote. How does that jive with your own personal theology? Just curious.

-Curious Trevis

September 25, 2009 at 4:32 PM  

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