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Who Really Invented Christianity? (latest tC audio)

Think Christianly: Who Really Invented Christianity? (latest tC audio)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who Really Invented Christianity? (latest tC audio)

Every Christmas and Easter new releases hit the bookstores, provocative documentaries spring up on CNN and the Discovery channel, and special additions appear from Newsweek. The common theme? What else have “they” not been telling you about who Jesus really was or what Christianity really teaches?

* How do we know the Bible includes the right books?
* Did the early church invent Jesus’ divinity or did Jesus really claim to be divine?
* What did Christians believe before there was a Bible?
* Who got to decide what is ‘orthodox’ and what is ‘heresy’?
* Why didn’t Jesus write a book?

These are good questions. But contrary to the answers that show up in much of pop culture today about Jesus, a careful look at the historical evidence surrounding the origins of Christianity reveals that we can trust the writings of the New Testament and what they teach about the historical Jesus. Join Jonathan Morrow, as we embark on a journey back to the 1st century to discover the truth.

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