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Colbert Report - Robert Wright on the Evolution of God

Think Christianly: Colbert Report - Robert Wright on the Evolution of God

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colbert Report - Robert Wright on the Evolution of God is hard for me to resist posting the occasional clip from the Colbert Report because it is a humorous way of thinking about important religious and philosophical topics. That being said, Wright, who resists being classified as a new atheist, still is making some pretty big claims about the three largest monotheistic religions--Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Now I'm concerned with Christianity and think it stands up to scrutiny. But he makes some dubios claims about God being an illusion (cf. Freud, Marx, and Feuerbach) and that Jesus really claim to be the Son of God (both of these are common objections). I wonder if Wright is familiar with Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity by Larry Hurtado?

A quick word about worldview and explanatory resources. If naturalism is true, then all you have in your explanatory cubbard are physics and chemistry being acted on by (blind) natural selection. So Morality and Religion must have an evolutionary account. That is what Wright tries to offer. (more after you watch the interaction)

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For another perspective by a sociologist of religion, see:

Wright has been interviewed by Bill Moyers (PBS), reviewed by Dinesh D'Souza and blogged on by Cornelius Hunter.

Also he had a provocative and lively on-air debate / conversation on the Hugh Hewitt Show with Philosopher John Mark Reynolds. Audio available here. (HT / Uncommon Descent)

What is clear is that this book and the ideas it contains will be part of the cultural conversation about religion for a while.

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