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The Myth of Junk DNA

Think Christianly: The Myth of Junk DNA

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Myth of Junk DNA

Is DNA mostly random junk that has gathered over the generations of natural selection acting on random mutation or does it indicate purposeful design? Jonathan Wells makes the case for design in his new book.

"A number of leading proponents of Darwinian evolution claim that “junk DNA”—the non-protein-coding DNA that makes up more than 95% of our genome—provides decisive evidence for Darwin’s theory and against intelligent design, since an intelligent designer would not have littered our genome with so much garbage. In The Myth of Junk DNA, biologist Jonathan Wells exposes their claim as an anti-scientific myth that ignores the evidence, relies on illegitimate theological speculations, and impedes biomedical research. After reading this book, your view of the genome will never be the same again."

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