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Atheist, Christian students square off in debate

Think Christianly: Atheist, Christian students square off in debate

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atheist, Christian students square off in debate

"Two Christian students and two atheist students squared off Tuesday night in a 90-minute high school debate about the existence, role and relevance of God. Focusing on the philosophical implications of believing in Christianity vs. atheism, the students explained to an audience of about 125 why their beliefs made logical sense and attempted to poke holes in the other side's arguments....."

The Christians are Sean McDowell's students (my coauthor of Is God Just a Human Invention?). Awesome!

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Blogger Dr. N said...

We Christians must learn that the other side should also have some explaining to do . In this case, as a Christian I would attempt to answer the atheist's question, but also put a burden of explanation on the atheist. Here, the question to the atheist would be

"Is atheism just a human invention?"

Why would humans invent a belief system with high standards that no one can deep perfectly, a God that expects the standards to be kept perfectly, and horrendous, eternal punishment for those who fail? In addition, some of those standards include the prohibition of things such as promiscuous sexual behavior, which many humans find pleasurable.

Atheism allows for just about everything and even leaves room for change to fundamental standards of right and wrong - which caters to human whim.

Doesn't atheism sound more like the human invention?

July 2, 2011 at 9:06 PM  

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