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Think Christianly

Friday, October 19, 2012

Os Guinness On Why Christians Need To Stand For Truth Today (Video)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Does Truth Matter?

“Truth yields life. If we are sailors lost at sea, we need true north. If we’re branches on tree hoping to bear fruit, which we are, we need connection to a true vine. Truth tells us where we are, who we are, to whom we belong, and the real story in which we can fully live. It seems to me that our American culture, in its present condition, is both lost and starving for truth, and therefore vulnerable to the deception of power politics, marketing schemes, and politically correct slogans of professors, politicians, and media that often lead to the death of the soul and the body. Lies lead to death and a culture of death, but the truth sets people free for life.”—Kelley Monroe Kullberg

See also, John 8:31-32

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Living in the Information Age (Video)

John Stonestreet shares some helpful insight here:

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Friday, October 5, 2012

15th Anniversary Edition of Love Your God with All Your Mind by JP Moreland

There are few books that have been more impactful on my Christian life than Love Your God with All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland. I also had the privilege of studying philosophy of religion and ethics under JP (along with the other excellent faculty at Talbot School of Theology / Biola University). He is one of the most thoughtful and encouraging people I have ever met and his passion for Christ is contagious. He has a message that every Christian desperately needs to hear.

Moreland has recently released the 15th anniversary edition (the Amazon Kindle edition is only $2.99!) and the updated portions make a must read even more impressive.

(About the Book) "Love Your God with All Your Mind explains the importance of using your mind not only to win others to Christ but also to experience personal spiritual growth. Author J. P. Moreland challenges you to use logic to further God’s kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship, and vocation.

This revised edition includes expanded appendices and three new chapters that outline how to argue for the reality of God and the historicity of Jesus’ life teachings, death, and resurrection."

Read this book and invite others to do the same. Christians are called to a thoughtful faith and there is no better book out there that models and teaches this as well. Buy. Read. and Grow!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Os Guinness - "A Free People's Suicide" (VIDEO)

If only our political discourse looked and sounded more like this. I think we would all be better off. This 40 min lecture is an insightful analysis of where we are as a country and how to preserve liberty and order it as a society. Thanks to Eric Metaxas for making this available through Socrates in the City.

Dr. Os Guinness: "A Free People's Suicide" from Socrates in the City on Vimeo.

Order the book here.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Faith Worth Defending

Claims of a married Jesus reinforce the need for apologetics. Read my new article at Leadership Journal Online.

My latest book is available (today's the last day!) on Kindle and all eBook platforms for only $3.99

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Limited Time Offer! Think Christianly eBook available for only $3.99

If Christianity is true, then it speaks to all of life. Learn how to live out your faith in the midst of the many cultural opportunities and challenges we face each day with my new book Think Christianly. For a limited time only, the eBook is only $3.99! (available on all devices).

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A Great review from Apologetics 315


"As someone who has devoted many years of ministry to teaching Christian worldview. I am thrilled to see dynamic and faithful worldview leaders like Jonathan Morrow stepping to the fore. Think Christianly...equips Christians young and old to engage the culture winsomely, intelligently, and with confidence."-Chuck Colson,

"We Christians love to lob rhetorical grenades at the surrounding culture from the safety of our holy huddle. What's far more to engage the issues of our day with intelligence, moral clarity, and biblical wisdom. That's exactly what Jonathan Morrow does in Think Christianly."-Drew Dyck, Managing editor of Leadership Journal

"In a time when truth is distorted and biblical teachings are misunderstood, our commitment to engaging culture must not be compromised...Think Christianly is a much needed resource as we seek to honor God in both what we believe and how we live."-Jason Hayes, National Young Adult Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources

"Think Christianly is a remarkable and important achievement. Written in an...accessible style, it covers an exhaustive range of topics. Indeed, I know of no other book like it in this regard, and it is now the first book to which to turn for learning the specifics of how to think Christianly."-J. P. Moreland, author of The God Question

(From Back Cover)
In Think Christianly, Jonathan Morrow gives church leaders the biblical framework and practical resources for helping churchgoers boldy engage today’s cultural moments. Addressing issues such as injustice, sexuality, suffering, politics, science, the exclusivity of Jesus and what it means to be human, Morrow refuses to shy away from tough questions and includes interviews with some of today’s most influential Christian leaders, including:

  • Dennis Rainey (Family Life)
  • William Lane Craig (Reasonable Faith)
  • Barrett Ward (The Mocha Club)
  • Sean McDowell (Worldview Ministries)
  • Reggie Joiner (Orange)
  • Jay Richards (Discovery Institute)
  • Kyle Strobel (Metamorpha)
  • Kelly Monroe Kullberg (The Veritas Forum)
  • more...
The Bible doesn’t make us choose between cultivating a thoughtful faith and demonstrating radical love. Why should the church?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Will science someday rule out the possibility of God?

That is the title of an interesting new MSNBC article based on an interview with theoretical cosmologist Sean Carroll. Here's an excerpt:
Over the past few centuries, science can be said to have gradually chipped away at the traditional grounds for believing in God. Much of what once seemed mysterious — the existence of humanity, the life-bearing perfection of Earth, the workings of the universe — can now be explained by biology, astronomy, physics and other domains of science.

Although cosmic mysteries remain, Sean Carroll, a theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology, says there's good reason to think science will ultimately arrive at a complete understanding of the universe that leaves no grounds for God whatsoever. 
Carroll argues that God's sphere of influence has shrunk drastically in modern times, as physics and cosmology have expanded in their ability to explain the origin and evolution of the universe. "As we learn more about the universe, there's less and less need to look outside it for help," he told Life's Little Mysteries. 
He thinks the sphere of supernatural influence will eventually shrink to nil. But could science really eventually explain everything? (read more)
The leading defender of the Cosmological Argument for God's existence is William Lane Craig, and he addresses some of the claims made by Carroll in this article, here.

Looking for an accessible introduction to the evidence for God based on the beginning of the universe? Start here (chapter 5).

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Isn’t apologetics only for academics and intellectuals?

Here's a common objection you may have encountered: Isn’t apologetics only for academics and intellectuals? The short answer is no. Here’s why. Everyone has questions—you do, your kids do, your friends and neighbors do, your family does, and our culture certainly does. It’s that simple. We will either think carefully or poorly about these questions, but the questions themselves cannot be avoided. Secondly, if Christianity is true, then it speaks to all of life. It doesn't get more 'everyday' than that (1 Pet. 3:15).

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Monday, September 10, 2012

So How Does Culture Work?

Have you heard of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview? If not you need to get to know them! Every week they release a two minute warning video that is well worth your time. In this video, John Stonestreet offers some great insight on how culture works:

More on the Colson Center

More on how Christians should engage culture.

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