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Do you really know Tim Tebow?

Think Christianly: Do you really know Tim Tebow?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do you really know Tim Tebow?

Today he makes his much anticipated start as quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Some want him to do well...others are waiting for him to fail. Here is an insightful article into who Tim Tebow really is and what makes him tick as a person. What keeps him grounded and the vision he has for life.
"I was recently doing an interview with a nationally known sports reporter," Tebow said. "She said, 'Now that you've graduated from college, are going to the NFL, will make a lot of money, everybody will know your name and want your autograph ... because of all that, do you count your life as a success?'

"I told her, yes, I count my life as successful," Tebow said. "But not because I'm famous or won two national championships or the Heisman or going to the NFL, it's because I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."
Read the rest. (H/T @plsconvinceme)

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