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Is Christianity True, False, or Other?

Think Christianly: Is Christianity True, False, or Other?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is Christianity True, False, or Other?

One of my favorite writers is Nancy Pearcey because she has a way of capturing the essence of big ideas in clear writing. In Total Truth she correctly observes that "When Christians are willing to reduce religion to noncognitive categories, unconnected to questions of truth or evidence, then we have already lost the battle." Please reread that last sentence.

You see, if Christianity does not rise to the level of being true or false then it has been removed completely from the cognitive realm. If something can't be false, then it can't be true either. And rational investigation or justification fly out the window too. If we in the American church don't get this and teach it to the next generation, then Christians will be increasingly marginalized in a secular culture. But worse still, this unbiblical notion will sap us of our confidence to live as if Christianity were actually true because confidence and knowledge go hand and hand. If you have not done so already, I highly recommend reading Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey.

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