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What Do Millennials Believe?

Think Christianly: What Do Millennials Believe?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Do Millennials Believe?

Ed Stetzer has a new blog post on some of the beliefs of the Millenials (born between 1980-91); here are a few of the findings:
  • Thirty-eight percent of Millennials say their religious beliefs have no influence on their lives.
  • Thirty-two percent indicate their beliefs have a strongly positive influence.
  • Fifty percent say a church or house of worship has no influence on their lives. Twenty-two percent indicate a church has a strongly positive influence.
  • 18 percent of all Millennials indicate they get a lot of guidance or advice from sacred texts such as the Bible, Torah or Koran, while another 24 percent get some. The most common answer (37 percent) is none at all.

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