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My Time at Valor in Denver

Think Christianly: My Time at Valor in Denver

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Time at Valor in Denver

I just got back from a great time in Denver, CO. Valor Christian High School is using my book Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower's Guide for the Journey for their senior seminar. Earlier in the week they invited me to come and do 2 days of Q & A with their seniors. It was an incredible time! I love interacting with students and encouraging them along the way in following Christ. College is filled with both challenges and opportunities. The students were fun and engaged and asked honest questions. And everyone made me feel very welcome. So thanks to all the seniors at Valor and especially Jim and Aaron for helping to coordinate the time to come out.

I was reminded that we all need input and encouragement--we never grow out of that. But students especially need that during this season of life. Consider putting Welcome to College in their hands for graduation presents along with the Apologetics Study Bible for Students. All of us who have been through college know that questions will come. But what is harder to come by is helpful Christians answers to those questions...when we need them most.

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