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Tim Tebow and his controversial pro-life super bowl ad?

Think Christianly: Tim Tebow and his controversial pro-life super bowl ad?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tim Tebow and his controversial pro-life super bowl ad?

From LTI Blog... "Tim Tebow and his mother Pam in conjunction with private donors and Focus on the Family have legally purchased commercial air time during the Super Bowl to tell the story of how his mother was advised to abort him over medical concerns. Specifically, Pam had taken a high dose of antibiotics as part of treatment for amoebic dysentery and she was advised to terminate his life. The content of the ad has been reviewed and approved by the network as acceptable. The theme of the brief spot is “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.” And according to abortion supporters, supposedly obsessed with freedom and choice, you should not be allowed to see this spot.

Odd isn't it? Freedom, they cry! Liberty and equality for all and don't you attempt to force your view of morality on others. And yet it is that very same group that is now demanding that CBS not allow this perfectly legal and approved spot to air...." (More)

"CBS Tuesday (Jan. 26) stood behind its decision to take a Super Bowl ad from Focus on the Family that has drawn fire from reproductive choice organizations...." (more)

Only one issue in the pro life / pro choice debate. The abortion controversy is not a debate between those who are pro-choice and those who are anti-choice. It's not about privacy or trusting women. To the contrary, the debate turns on one key question. What is the Unborn? (Great Article)

The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf

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Blogger Shawn White said...

I always love how the "pro-choice" crowd wants to give people freedom to choose as long as it is in choosing their way, but then wants to keep them from choosing as soon as they choose something different. Where is the tolerance? Where is the pro-choice? What a joke...

January 27, 2010 at 7:57 AM  

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