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Is There Hope for the American Marriage?

Think Christianly: Is There Hope for the American Marriage?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is There Hope for the American Marriage?

Is There Hope for the American Marriage? A provocative question to be sure. But it did not come from a sermon or came from Time Magazine in the wake of recent scandals and affairs. Flanagan makes some candid observations, here is one:

"And so two more American families discover a truth as old as marriage: a lasting covenant between a man and a woman can be a vehicle for the nurture and protection of each other, the one reliable shelter in an uncaring world — or it can be a matchless tool for the infliction of suffering on the people you supposedly love above all others, most of all on your children."

So is there hope? Yes, but it will take a change in thinking and it will take people investing time and getting input (along with healthy servings of grace). One such voice seeking to help families and offer hope is Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey. If you do not know about this wonderful organization, you owe it to yourself, spouse, and kids to check out their website and get some encouragement and training.

Check out Family Life

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