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Is evolution compatible with faith?

Think Christianly: Is evolution compatible with faith?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is evolution compatible with faith?

With all the talk of Ida and Missing links, is evolution compatible with faith?

Here are two perspectives: faith and evolution and bio-logos. For resources (books & DVD's) engaging these issues from a Christian perspective, click here.

For an update on Ida, click here (Does the new Ida fossil prove evolution?)

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Blogger Frank Dracman said...


For your faith to survive in this modern world, it MUST find a way to be compatible with Evolution. Evolution can't simply be dismissed any more than you can dismiss the fact that the earth orbits the sun. Evolution is a fact.

Evolution certainly can be compatible with faith. It can take a bit of compartmentalization but humans have evolved brains that can handle that. When new facts are discovered, you have to adjust your faith to encompass the new idea because you certainly cannot adjust the facts.

Biologos or "Theistic Evolution" can work. I see it as re-labeled Deism (I was once one of those). Its a "God of the Gaps" argument where God resides in the gaps of our knowledge but it gives a believer something to hold onto while they continue to study and understand the reality of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

But idiocy of Creationism and Intelligent Design have absolutely no scientific merit. If your faith forces people to accept either of those "theories" then your faith will be destroyed as the truth is discovered or you'll have to force your head into the sand and leave it there.

May 29, 2009 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Frank Dracman said...

Og and to your question, "Does 'Ida' prove evolution?"

Honestly, Jonathan, its a dumb questing. Evolution is a fact. Yes, a fact. The fossil evidence is overwhelming enough but fossils like Ida are just thinnest rocky layer of a Mount Everest of evidence.

You will obviously win points with your less educated readers on this. Evolution is a complicated subject and requires a level of rational thought that fundamentalists simply don't possess.

But, no, Ida "proves" nothing about evolution. That was done long ago when Darwin first offered his astounding discovery to the world 150+ years ago. Ida is but one of millions upon millions of transitional fossils. She is noteworthy for the rarity of her completeness but not much more. She is a beautiful specimen of a long-extinct transitional animal that possesses both lemur and primate characteristics.

The media has exaggerated the significance of this find far beyond what is warranted.

May 30, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

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