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The ESV Study Bible

Think Christianly: The ESV Study Bible

Monday, December 1, 2008

The ESV Study Bible

There are some really good study Bible's out there. But the ESV Study Bible is really well done and has been created with the reader in mind. The notes and articles are very helpful. It is filled with maps and charts (in color). The layout is pleasing to the eye and top notch scholars contributed the articles. The overview of theology - how we know and love God, explaining the key teachings of Christianity- is excellent (written by Dr. Erik Thoennes of Biola University).

Maybe ask for this study Bible for Christmas and dig deeper into the Word of God.

Check out the ESV website to view the online study bible that comes with your purchase of the Bible - the online features and access to all the notes and articles and text is worth the price of the Bible and is very easy to navigate and use. You can even listen to the whole Bible online with this feature.

*Here is a good word on the search for the perfect Bible translation by New Testament scholar Darrell Bock.

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