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Raising kids in a sexualized society

Think Christianly: Raising kids in a sexualized society

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Raising kids in a sexualized society

Yesterday we talked about sexuality and TV. I came across this interview and these ladies raise some helpful points. Here was just one of the Q & A exchanges:

Q: You say the “sexualization of childhood” affects boys, as well as girls, negatively. Can you expand on this?

A: Boys learn to see girls as objects and judge and value them by how they look and how “sexy” they are. And boys are taught to conform to a very narrow definition of masculinity — being tough and invulnerable and aggressive. This can make it very difficult for boys to become men capable of having positive, caring, and connected relationships. This is a very high price to pay.

If this is correct, and I think it is, we are training boys who will become men to see girls as objects. Then this unhealthy and ultimately destructive cycle leads to the girls--who want to be liked--focus primarily on how they look. We need to introduce truth into this cycle; people are intrinsically valuable because God made them in His image...not how they look or how well that perform.

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