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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Reviews...

Think Christianly: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Reviews...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Reviews...

OK, just got back from seeing Expelled, Ben Stein's new movie about academic freedom and the power of ideas. It was an outstanding film. As one who follows this debate in more of the academic settings, I was curious to see how Ben would hold an audience in this documentary. Not to worry, it is an emotionally powerful narrative with wit and the connection of ideas. Well done. I will write more later, but reviews are already showing up and it is obvious that some people completely missed the point. One of my former professors, Darrell Bock has written a nice response to some of these reviews and is worth reading because these issues are sure to come up in the days ahead. Take a minute and read it. More to come soon...if you haven't seen the film; go see it!

Also, download this pdf document and give it a read to help you understand intelligent design and the basis for the argument made in Expelled.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was with your group at the theater tonight. I thought the movie was great! I've been interested in Creationism for several years, though I didn't know much about Intelligent Design. This movie helped me understand ID better.

I was wondering if you've read any of the articles and blogs online that question the ethics of the makers of the film. There has been some allegations that the scientist interviewed in the film were led to believe they were being interviewed for a different movie. I was wondering if you had heard that and if you have any thoughts or information on that topic.


April 20, 2008 at 12:24 AM  

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