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On Anne Rice Quitting Christianity?

Think Christianly: On Anne Rice Quitting Christianity?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

On Anne Rice Quitting Christianity?

Perhaps you have heard about this already...but if not, novelist Anne Rice is still a follower of Jesus...she is just giving up on Christianity. hmmmm, so what does that mean? Here are two helpful posts...

"But the church cannot see rejection of Christ as some kind of personal reproach or, worse yet, an ideological declaration of war. We have to love our prodigal sons and daughters so that if and when the dark night of the soul is over they have a place to come home to. Anne says she still loves Jesus but she doesn’t love Christianity. Yes, I know that it is impossible to love Jesus without loving his church. I’ve preached that for years, and I still believe it. But can’t you see how someone could wrestle against that? I am thankful that I had been a Christian long enough to have gained some kind of maturity before I saw just how vicious “Christianity” can be."- Russell Moore

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