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Beyond Worldview Contradictions

Think Christianly: Beyond Worldview Contradictions

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beyond Worldview Contradictions

Naturalism fails to explain even the most basic elements of our existence. And deep down everyone knows this. Theism is the only view of the world that really explains all that we experience. Here is a very clear exposition of this:

“The physical world provides no room for freedom of will….[yet] that concept is essential to our models of the mental realm. Too much of our psychology is based on it for us to ever give it up. [And so] We’re virtually forced to maintain that belief, even though we know it’s false.” - Marvin Minsky (MIT)

Or...we could give up the worldview of Scientific Naturalism? For it is far more obvious to me that I have free will than all of reality can be explained / reduced to "physics, chemistry, and biology."

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